Mixed Fruit

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Please check and double check your document to ensure that you are not including your name or other identifying information. We do not want to know who you are or where you live or where you've gone to school. We read blindly and your submission WILL be returned to you if it includes any identifying information. Please respect this requirement -- it helps us to make our decisions based solely on the merit of the text, as it should be. Our submissions manager keeps track of who submits what without showing us that information, so don't worry -- we will be able to get in touch with you without you telling us who you are in the document. You'll have a chance to tell us about yourself after we've accepted your submission.

We publish new materials bi-monthly and new submissions are always welcome. To submit, use our online submissions manager. Please do not include your name on your submissions. No cover letter is necessary. Please use the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .rtf, .jpeg

What we're looking for:

Your work should be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please contact us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We will accept up to five submissions from an author at a time. Do not mix genres when submitting -- if you have a poem and a story, for example, please submit them separately.

We offer submitters the opportunity to include a $3.00 donation with their work. Our magazine is run entirely on donations and the personal funds of our editors. Though your donation will not in any way affect the decisions of editors, we are very appreciative of your generosity. We receive no profits and survive thanks to those who read our words, offer us their work, and are kind enough to share a few dollars with us now and then.

Please submit between one and five poems at a time; please include all poems in a single document. Poems do not need to be double-spaced -- format your poem as you would like to see it in print.

We'll accept fiction submissions up to 8000 words -- any style, any genre. Stories should be double-spaced and should include a header with the title and page number.

Creative Nonfiction:
We'll accept creative nonfiction submissions up to 8000 words -- any subject. Nonfiction should be double-spaced and should include a header with the title and page number.

We welcome literary translations provided you have obtained the rights to the work being translated. Works must be translated from the native language into English and submissions must include the original text and the original author's name. We are currently accepting works translated from Portuguese, French, Spanish, Thai, German, and Russian into English. We may add more languages, so check back.

You may submit up to five previously unpublished pieces of art (photographs, comics, drawings, etc) as long as they are in one of the aforementioned formats.

Mixed Fruit